Chirurgic Poet

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Chirurgic Poet

There are themes that echo through time as doom-songs – unrealized hopes, failed attempts – which will drag on until the last word goes silent and the last thought drowns. They are manifest in the realm of the Dreamtime, weeping stones and silent rivers, red skies and empty battlefields, and impress themselves upon those with listening hearts. These few who hear them, chirurgic poets, cannot or will not let the Dreamtime carry on the song of despair, seeking to change the macabre anthem of reality. The poets lend their works, their ambitions, and their lives themselves, shedding the reality of their bodies at times to draw the Dreamtime’s nightmarish shades into the world and redeem them with a guided purpose.


1st Circle - Dream of HopeSU

As a free action, if your maximum hit points are one or higher, you may suffer an amount of [HP reduction] no less than 1 and no greater than your KOM to heal a target ally within [Close] range by twice that amount. This can cause your [HP reduction] to exceed half of your maximum HP. Abilities or effects that would increase this ability's healing apply only once per target you have healed per [Round].

2nd Circle - The Dream EnduresSU

For every 15 points of [HP reduction] you possess, you gain a +2 deflection bonus to AC, or your existing deflection bonus from The Dream Endures increases by 2, up to a maximum bonus of half your level (minimum 2). This deflection bonus expires at the end of the [Encounter].

3rd Circle - The World BendsSU

Whenever you suffer [HP reduction] equal to your KOM from Dream of Hope, you may move one creature within [Close] range up to 10 ft. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

4th Circle - The Heart BeckonsSU

Whenever you heal an ally with Dream of Hope by any amount, an intangible dream-spirit lingers to aid them, remaining until it is expended or a single attack deals more damage to the ally than that amount. The spirit has no combat statistics, but as long as it remains, that ally may expend it as a swift action, creating a spread with a radius of that ally's [Close] range originating from that ally that inflicts [Entangled] for one [Round] on all opponents within the area.

5th Circle - The Mind HardensSU

You have [Resistance] to your choice of either physical damage or magic damage and energy damage. You may switch your choice of [Resistance] every time The Dream Endures activates. The [Resistance] remains until it is switched again.

6th Circle - The Soul SustainsSU

Opponents cannot score critical hits against you. Additionally, every time you score a critical hit, or an opponent would normally score a critical hit against you, you may increase the maximum HP of all allies in [Melee] range by your character level until the end of the [Encounter]. This may not increase a creature's maximum HP above twice its normal maximum.

7th Circle - The Skies AnswerSU

Your Dream of Hope and The World Bends abilities now affect all allies within [Close] range in addition to any creatures they would normally affect, if any.