Esoterica Radica

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Esoterica Radica

Rogues are by nature gamblers, people who bet everything on chances that they can’t control. Whether a rogue is crouched in an alcove hoping a guard won’t glance in while passing by or setting a fuse with just enough time to sprint through a hallway, dive through a window, and land in a moat, there is always an extra variable that no rogue can control. The abilities of the Esoterica Radica let you stretch your circumstances just far enough to get past that extra variable and make a quick getaway if you still can’t win.


1st Circle - Playing It RightEX

Any rogue learns to use a few key skills without pausing to think about them. Pick two skills. You can take 10 on both these skills regardless of circumstances.

2nd Circle - When to HoldEX

When it’s time to stand your ground, you trust in your uncanny luck to protect you. Once per [Encounter] per circle you possess in this track, as an immediate action, you may gain a +2 bonus to your Armor Class, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves until the beginning of your next turn.

3rd Circle - When to FoldEX

You know the value of beating a hasty retreat in the face of danger. Once per [Encounter], plus an additional usage for every 4 character levels, as a swift action, you can gain an extra move action on your current turn. If you use this move action to move, the movement provokes attacks of opportunity as normal.

4th Circle - When to CheatEX

Once per [Round], you may take an additional swift or immediate action.

5th Circle - When to RunEX

Sometimes walking away from a fight isn’t fast enough. Twice per [Encounter], as an immediate action, you can move up to your movement speed.

6th Circle - An Ace to KeepEX

You can be extra lucky when you need to be. Once per [Round], you may make a hit with an attack you made that is not a critical hit into a critical hit, inflicting all normal effects of a critical hit.

7th Circle - Gambler's DaoEX

You've made it this far with unbelievably good luck, so you may as well keep relying on it. Whenever you roll a d20, you instead roll two d20s and choose the better result.