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Geography (Int)

Geography covers exactly what it says on the label, including places where no one has gone before.


Creatures with the [Primordial] type.

Lay of the Land

You can use the Geography skill to locate special routes, recognize or find out about strange places, and anticipate hostile areas.

  • DC 10: Travelers through the mountain road are often harassed by bandits. On one cliff, overhanging the road, villagers and caravan drivers alike have seen lights flicker and then go out. 
  • DC 15: The forest’s trees grow in a unique pattern that allows elves to set up platforms high above the ground. These particular elves believe that "not-elves" are divinely ordained to serve as target practice, so caution is warranted.
  • DC 20: The best way to reach the mountain fortress without aggravating the local giant population is to travel through a strangely-shifting network of ice tunnels. Somehow, you have a very good idea of which turns to take through the tunnels.
  • DC 25: The old dwarven forge left lasting marks on the mountain. Somewhere in the mine tunnels, there is a dimensional overlap with the Plane of Elemental Fire.
  • DC 30: Several map fragments suggest that a cluster of massive gems can be found deep inside a tunnel network within the Plane of Elemental Earth. In point of fact, there is an entire city carved out of emeralds.
  • DC 35: The emerald city is secretly ruled by a dragon illusionist with a mysterious hoard.