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History (Int)

This the discipline of knowing what happened in the past, and sometimes why it happened. In a world with powerful monsters and heroes, the past is an important key to the present and future.


[Legendary] creatures.

Dig Up the Past

You can come up with the details of someone or something's past. Identifying and recognizing a [Legendary] creature, an important political figure such as the king or general of a large country, or historical details of a large city is done at the DCs given below. Identifying a significant, but less well-known individual or smaller city can be done at +2 DC. Identifying the past of a minor official or large town increases to +5 DC. An obscure individual or small town can be identified, but the DC is at a steep +7. DCs can be decreased at the GM's discretion if your character has some kind of local experience or knowledge.

  • DC 10: You know the king and queen's names, and the names of their parents.
  • DC 15: You know the locations of a general's major battles. 
  • DC 20: You know the wizard's favored spells – or, at least, the ones he's used in public.
  • DC 25: You know what the king's secret adviser has been doing behind closed doors. Maybe even the rumored glimpses of a scaly, gem-studded hide. Alternatively, you know where to find the wizard's old and trusted apprentice.
  • DC 30: You know the identity of the children who played a crucial part in the lich's transformation. 
  • DC 35: You can activate a legend lore effect on your target. This functions in all ways like the spell.