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1st Circle - IncantationSLA

As a standard action, you may either heal an ally or deal damage to an opponent within [Medium] range. You heal HP or deal damage equal to 2d4 plus your Key Offensive Modifier. This amount increases by 1d4 for each character level beyond 1st; for example, you heal HP or deal damage equal to 21d4 + your KOM at level 20. Dealing damage to an opponent with your Incantation requires a successful ranged attack roll (this is not considered an attack with a weapon); healing an ally does not require an attack roll.

Additionally, whenever you decide to use your Incantation, you count as having a Good Base Attack Bonus (equal to your character level) until the beginning of your next turn. This applies to any attack rolls you make as part of that Incantation.

2nd Circle - Imbue SpellSLA

As a swift action, you may spend a spell slot of any circle. If you do, choose a spell you know of that circle or lower which either has a Target listing of a single creature or has a listed Incantation version (if a spell fits both criteria, you must choose the Incantation version). When you hit an opponent with an Incantation or heal an ally with an Incantation this [Round], if the chosen spell is not discharged from your Incantation, you may note the result of your attack roll for your Incantation attack (if you attacked with your Incantation), and cast the chosen spell without provoking attacks of opportunity and without offering a save as a [Surge] effect. If you do, that spell is discharged from your Incantation. You must choose that opponent or ally as the target of the spell. If you would make an attack roll for an attack against a creature as part of casting the spell, compare the noted result to that creature's AC instead. If it equals or exceeds that creature's AC, that attack hits that creature. Abilities and effects other than the spell's effects that take place as the result of a hit or critical hit don't activate as a result of this hit.

3rd Circle - Shaman's PresenceSU

Allies within 30 ft of you have [Fast healing] equal to your KDM.

4th Circle - Guardian SpiritsSU

Once per [Scene] after making a d20 roll and seeing the result, you may reroll it as an immediate action, taking the better of the two results.

5th Circle - Shallow GraveSU

Once per [Scene], as an immediate action, you can prevent an ally within [Close] range from dying for 1 [Round]. The ally ignores the [Dying], [Unconscious] and [Stable] conditions and has [Immunity] to the [Dead] condition for the duration of Shallow Grave, but unless the ally receives sufficient healing to raise their hit points above what would kill them, it immediately dies at the end of your turn after the effect expires. At 20th level, you can activate this ability once per [Encounter].

6th Circle - Twin IncantationSLA

Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you may activate the Incantation ability twice. You may activate the Imbue Spell ability without taking an action immediately before the second Incantation is activated; the spell that may be cast as a result is not a [Surge] effect.

7th Circle - Stolen MomentSU

Once per [Encounter], you may immediately activate your healing Incantation upon an ally that has just been dealt damage or afflicted with a harmful condition or effect. This does not require an action. You may activate the Imbue Spell ability as an immediate action before activating the Incantation ability in this way; the spell must be cast and discharged.