Just Blade

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Just Blade


1st Circle - Grim HeritorSU

As a swift action, or part of another swift action, you may form a melee weapon of your choice out of pure energy, though it may include a decorative hilt as part of your personal stylings.

This weapon has the [Arcane] property and three other weapon properties of your choice and is a Lesser item of your design with enchantments as normal for a magic weapon of its type. These choices are permanent. This weapon, called your Grim Heritor, does not count against your normal limit of attuned magic items.

When you gain your 4th circle in Just Blade, redesign this weapon as a Greater item, and when you gain your 6th circle, redesign it as a Relic. Though your Grim Heritor possesses the [Arcane] property, the weapon itself is a supernatural ability, and attacks with it benefit from magic weapon item bonuses to attack, magic item enchantments that trigger on a hit, and the [Brutal] property. While wielding your Grim Heritor, you count as having a Good Base Attack Bonus (equal to your level). You may only have a single Grim Heritor in existence at a time, and may cause it to disappear as a free action.

2nd Circle - Mental ThrustSU

As a move action, you may cause target opponent within [Close] range to be [Blown away] in a direction of your choosing. If that opponent would enter and leave a square you occupy, it provokes an attack of opportunity from you before passing on its less-than-merry way. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your KOM) negates this effect.

3rd Circle - Mystic FocusSU

The burgeoning power of your art allows you to create an unstable circuit of arcane power in your Grim Heritor.

You begin each [Encounter] with your Grim Heritor uncharged. Once per [Round], as a swift action, if your Grim Heritor is not already charged, you may choose a spell-like ability that you possess. If you do so, your Grim Heritor becomes charged. While your Grim Heritor is charged, you possess a 20% [Miss chance].

When you hit an opponent with an attack made using your Grim Heritor, if the Grim Heritor is charged, you may render it uncharged; note the result of your attack roll for that attack, and activate the chosen spell-like ability (if able) without provoking attacks of opportunity as a [Surge] effect. If the spell-like ability targets one or more creatures, you must choose that opponent as a target of the spell-like ability if able. If the spell-like ability targets one or more squares, you must choose one square that opponent occupies as a target of the spell-like ability if able. If you would make an attack roll for an attack against a creature as part of activating the spell-like ability, compare the noted result to that creature’s AC instead. If it equals or exceeds that creature’s AC, that attack hits that creature. Abilities and effects other than the spell-like ability’s effects that take place as the result of a hit or critical hit don’t activate as a result of this hit.

4th Circle - Vectored ThrustSU

You gain the Fly movement mode.

5th Circle - Devastating BarrageSU

You can manipulate the latent forces of the universe. Once per [Round], as a move action, you may create a line with a maximum length of 25 ft + 5 ft per four levels originating from you. Creatures occupying a square in the line are moved to the last square in the line.

You then create an implosion, dealing damage equal to twice your level to creatures other than you in that square or any square adjacent to that square, moving those creatures to that square, and knocking them [Prone]. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your KOM) halves the damage and negates the [Prone] condition and the moving effect from the implosion.

6th Circle - Indestructible FocusSU

You gain [Lesser resistance] to all damage. At the beginning of your turn, you gain a Grim Barrier that grants [Lesser resistance] against the next source of damage you suffer. Grim Barriers accumulate during an [Encounter] and stack with one another, but each time you are dealt damage, a single Grim Barrier dissipates. All Grim Barriers dissipate at the end of each [Encounter].

7th Circle - Voice of DevastationSU

You can call upon the fundamental truths of the universe and proclaim your enemies’ mortality. Once per [Encounter], as a swift action, you may create a spread with a radius equal to your [Close] range originating from you that deals damage equal to three times your level to all opponents and renders them [Battered] for 3 [Rounds] and [Stunned] for 1 [Round]. A successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your KOM) negates the [Stunned] condition.