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Skilled swordfighters, accomplished riders and excellent jousters, Knights are the go-to men when a monster needs slaying or a war needs fighting. While traditionally Knights are considered honorable and just, plenty of less-than-scrupulous individuals use that image to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

Acquiring the Knight track changes your KOM to Strength unless Strength is already your KDM.


1st Circle - Deadly BladesEX

If an opponent fails a save against a combat maneuver you perform that deals damage or you hit with an attack from a combat maneuver that does not require a save, that combat maneuver deals additional damage with the [Precision] descriptor equal to your KOM plus your character level. This damage is not applied to normal attacks made while using Power Attack, Precise Strike, or Deadly Aim. This damage never stacks with itself. For instance, if a single attack is both a Trip and a Charge due to some special ability, it only applies once.

2nd Circle - Valiant ChargeEX

Whenever a creature is in your [Melee] range, it must target you if able when making melee attacks. The first instance of this ability to apply against a given creature overrides subsequent instances, so the first Knight to arrive is the mandatory target until he leaves, even if a second Knight also engages the same foe at a later time. If multiple instances of this ability apply at the same time against a given creature, that creature may choose which Knight to target.

3rd Circle - IndefatigableEX

[Steadied]: [Steadied] is a condition granted by the Knight’s Indefatigable ability. It has no inherent effect, but represents the Knight’s defensive stance.

As a move action, you may become [Steadied] for one [Round]. While [Steadied], you may make one additional attack of opportunity each [Round], and whenever you make an attack of opportunity, you may place yourself anywhere inside your [Melee] range. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity, as it is not movement.

4th Circle - As the Six HundredEX

You may Charge twice as a standard action: make a Charge and then make a second Charge immediately afterwards. The penalties and bonuses of these Charges do not stack.

5th Circle - InterruptEX

While [Steadied], once per [Encounter], you may negate any one ability activated or one spell cast within your [Melee] range as an immediate action. You may also activate this ability against ongoing effects such as [Fast healing]. They are negated for one [Round] which still counts against their duration.

6th Circle - On HeroesEX

As part of a Charge, at any point in the Charge, you may move anywhere within your [Melee] range and make a [Bonus attack]. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. After you make this [Bonus attack], you may continue your Charge in a straight line from your current location.

7th Circle - New and OldEX

You may use any combat maneuver other than Charge in place of an attack of opportunity. Additionally, you may now activate Interrupt twice per [Encounter].