Objective Analysis

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Objective Analysis [General]

It's an object, all right.
Prerequisites: GM Approval. Ask first. Nicely.
Benefit: By examining an object for 5 minutes, you may perform a minor divination regarding the recent history of the object. You gain access to information about what the object was used for within the last 45 minutes, with a fair level of detail. At 3rd level, your visions stretch back 2 hours. At 6th level, you gain detailed information about the last 15 minutes, and a fair amount of detail about the last 4 hours. At 9th level, you gain perfect clarity regarding the last 15 minutes, detailed information about the last 30 minutes, and a solid idea of the last 12 hours. At 12th level, you may instead opt for a brief history of the object’s last 4 years, containing little more than a name or three, and any truly important events it was involved in.