Safekeeper Adept

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Safekeeper Adept [Skill]

The safest place for your treasure is outside of reality.
Prerequisites: Arcana as a trained skill, 3rd level
Benefit: You have the capacity to open and maintain a small dimensional pocket which you can open or close as a move action. This opening appears perpendicular to the ground in a square in your space. Creatures leaving the square may choose to enter the pocket or ignore it. The opening does not block line of sight or effect. At only 125 cubic ft, storage is modest but secure, as no one else can access this dimensional pocket while you are alive. The pocket is incapable of sustaining life, and will not close with a creature inside of it.

If you are [Dead] at the end of the [Scene], the pocket opens and dumps its contents essentially at random within [Melee] range of your corpse (or the spot where you died, if you have no corpse).

Safekeeper Adept is not appropriate for all campaigns and should be explicitly cleared with your GM.