Spectacular Beats

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Spectacular Beats [Combat]

Your knack for improvisation in combat allows you to wield common objects with great lethality.
Prerequisites: Discipline of the Serpent track, 3rd level
Benefit: When wielding an improvised weapon, the number of properties you can grant it using the External Techniques ability increases by 1 for each property fewer than 3 that it normally possesses. If you possess a natural weapon with an item bonus to attack rolls, you may grant an improvised weapon you wield that same item bonus to attack rolls for as long as you wield that improvised weapon. Whenever you hit with an attack using an improvised weapon made as part of the Close Meridian, Disarm, Grapple, Neutralize, Open Gate, Pushing Blow, or Trip combat maneuvers, you may sacrifice that improvised weapon immediately (destroying it irrevocably). Creatures, magic items and objects of great durability and significance used as improvised weapons cannot be destroyed in this fashion. If it is destroyed, increase the save DC of the combat maneuver by 2. Once per [Round], as a free action, you may automatically find and draw some sort of improvised weapon.