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Stealth (Dex)

The Stealth skill represents your character’s ability to avoid detection by other creatures. It is evaluated as a roll against a creature’s Awareness defense, and if it succeeds, the creature cannot establish a line of sight to you.

Once per [Round], if you are [Concealed], [Fully concealed], or out of line of sight from all opponents, you can make a Stealth check as part of a move action. You retain that check’s result until the end of the [Encounter], until you take an offensive action, or you roll another Stealth check.

Each [Round] that you retain a Stealth check’s result, including the [Round] you make your Stealth check, the result of your check is modified by several factors listed below. If your opponent’s Awareness exceeds your modified check result at any time (even after you make the check), your opponent detects you.

The following modifiers are cumulative to all Stealth checks over the course of an [Encounter], but may never exceed +5:

  • Each time after you take an offensive action, you suffer a -5 penalty.
  • Each time after you cast a spell that is not an offensive action, use a spell-like or supernatural ability that is not an offensive action, or use an interaction skill, you suffer a -2 penalty.
  • You gain a +1 bonus for each range category beyond your opponent’s [Close] range you are from that opponent.
  • You gain a bonus equal to +2 after each consecutive [Round] in which you haven’t moved.
  • You suffer a -2 penalty if you move more than half your movement speed with a single movement, after that movement.