Summon Mote

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Summon Mote [General]

A tiny companion assists you in your adventures.

Benefit: You are followed at all times by a mote: a tiny, cheerful, malevolent spirit of your own devising. Once per [Round], as a free action, if you and the mote have line of effect to target square, you may move the mote to target square within 80 ft of you. You gain line of sight from the mote's square. Whenever you are further than 80 ft away from the mote, it instantly disappears and reappears in an adjacent square of your choice. As a move action, part of a move action, or swift action, if the mote is within your [Melee] range of a weapon that is not wielded or otherwise carried by a creature, you may pick it up and switch to that weapon without provoking an attack of opportunity.

At 4th level, your mote begins each [Encounter] with 15 mote points. As an immediate action, as long as the mote has 1 or more mote points, you may subtract a number of mote points from the mote and heal HP equal to that amount.

At 8th level, your mote begins each [Encounter] with 30 mote points instead of 15 mote points. Once per [Encounter], if you are the target of a spell, after knowing the results of the spell's effect, you may ignore the spell's effect. If this spell would have dealt damage, it is dealt to the mote instead; it loses one mote point for each damage dealt.

At 12th level, your mote begins each [Encounter] with 45 mote points instead of 30 mote points, and you no longer require line of effect to move it to a target square.

At 16th level, you gain another mote. Each mote no longer disappears and reappears when you are further than 80 ft from it.