Telekinetic Adept

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Telekinetic Adept [General]

Mind over matter, brains over brawn.

Benefit: You can spend a swift action to move an object that you could normally wield as a weapon (improvised or otherwise) within [Close] range, to anywhere else within your [Close] range. If this ability is used to move a weapon to an ally's square, that ally may immediately begin wielding or switch to wielding that weapon. You may not use this ability to fling objects at opponents to damage them, or move objects carried or worn by another creature. This is a supernatural ability.

In addition, you gain a +2 feat bonus to Athletics checks, and may now use your Intelligence modifier instead of your Strength modifier for determining your bonus to Athletics checks.

Special: If you have the Dartmuth Secret feat, you may choose to use Arcana checks in place of Athletics checks you make, and you gain a +2 feat bonus to Arcana checks instead of Athletics checks.