Justice, Blind

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Justice, Blind [Iconic]

You rely on senses other than sight to compensate for your blindness.

Benefit: Whether by choice or by fate, you are permanently, irrevocably and incurably [Blinded]. The upshot of this is that you've gotten used to dealing with what you can't see: you no longer suffer a -4 penalty to Perception checks for being [Blinded], have [Tremorsense] out to [Close] range, and you always treat all creatures as if they are [Revealed].

At 6th level, your attacks inflict two extra points of damage for every 10 ft between you and your target, to a maximum of your character level. At 12th level, once per [Round], when you would make an attack, you may instead not make that attack. If you do, you gain a bonus equal to your level to your next attack roll.