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Perception (Wis)

Perception is your character's ability to sense your surroundings and the intentions of your opponent.

You make Perception checks to detect traps or to observe your surroundings to detect clues or anomalies in your environment. Some abilities and vision modes also allow you to make a special Perception check to detect a creature or creatures using the Stealth skill; in such cases, the DC for your Perception check is 10 + the creature's total Stealth modifier. You can also use Perception to identify sabotage; in this case, the DC is equal to the Larceny result of the saboteur.

  • In a combat encounter, you can make a Perception check as part of a move action to inflict a -2 penalty to the saves of an opponent within [Long] range until the beginning of your next turn.
  • In a social encounter, you can make a Perception check when attempting to evaluate the truth of your opponent's claims and the vulnerabilities of your opponents.

In either case, the DC is equal to 10 + the level of the opponent + the opponent's Charisma modifier.