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Nature (Int)

The Nature skill covers the knowledge of the environment and how to get through it without being eaten.


Creatures with the [Animal], [Fey], [Magical beast], or [Plant] type.

Identify Hazard

You can identify environmental hazards of various sorts with enough time to make basic preparations to protect yourself and your allies. The DC increases based on the difficulty of identifying the hazard and the rarity of the hazard. The threats posed by each hazard are explained in Environmental Hazards.

  • DC 10: Thunderstorm. 
  • DC 15: Flash flood. 
  • DC 20: Tornado.
  • DC 25: Earthquake. 
  • DC 30: Eruption of a long-dormant volcano. 
  • DC 35: Magically-induced natural disaster.


You can track or locate a creature with a successful Nature check. A successful tracking attempt allows you to follow a creature that is not using the Stealth skill. If the creature is within your line of sight, you may then immediately locate it. If the creature you are tracking is using the Stealth skill, you gain a +5 bonus to your Awareness defense against that creature's Stealth check.

  • DC 10: Undisturbed tracks in moist (but not muddy) soil.
  • DC 15: Tracks that have been trampled or otherwise disturbed.
  • DC 20: Tracks that have been washed away by a storm.
  • DC 25: Damaged grass left by halflings on the run.
  • DC 30: Disturbed air currents left by a fleeing pixie.
  • DC 35: You can activate a scrying effect on any pool of liquid or reflective surface crossed by your target. The scrying will target your intended quarry and functions exactly as the spell.