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Your Key Offensive Modifier changes to Strength, unless your Key Defensive Modifier already is Strength. All bonuses from this track are fury bonuses, which stack with other fury bonuses from this track. At the beginning of your turn, you may choose not to benefit from fury bonuses to attack rolls, damage, and save DCs until the beginning of your next turn. Attacks and abilities that benefit from a fury bonus to attack rolls, damage, or save DCs cannot also deal damage with the [Precision] descriptor.


1st Circle - RageEX

You channel the barbarian rage, a state where you gain heightened morale and physical prowess. As a swift action, if you are not [Fatigued], [Exhausted], or in a rage, you can enter a rage, which lasts for a maximum number of [Rounds] equal to 3 + your Constitution modifier (if positive). While in a rage, you gain a +1 bonus per circle you possess from this track to attack rolls and damage you deal with attacks, and a +1 bonus to combat maneuver DCs and Fortitude and Will saves. When you enter a rage, you also gain 2 temporary HP per level. These temporary HP are lost when your rage ends. You can always prematurely end your rage as a free action.

When your rage ends (either before the beginning of your turn due to its duration running out, or on your turn due to your ending it prematurely), you become [Fatigued] for as many [Rounds] as you spent raging (minimum 1), and you cannot begin a rage on either the turn it ends or on your following turn.

2nd Circle - Powerful RageEX

Your rage gives you unusual physical ability equal to a creature much larger than yourself. You gain a +2 item bonus to Strength. While in a rage, your size becomes [Large] (if you are not already [Large] or [Huge]), you gain the normal +5 ft bonus to your movement speed, +2 bonus to saves against combat maneuvers, and 5 ft bonus to your [Melee] range associated with the [Large] size). While in a rage, you do not suffer any of the normal penalties of being [Large], even if you’re normally [Large].

3rd Circle - Intimidating RageEX

Once per [Encounter], when you enter a rage, you can attempt to intimidate a single opponent within 30 ft as a free action (as per the in-combat use of the Intimidate skill). If your intimidate attempt succeeds, that opponent becomes [Shaken] until the end of the [Encounter]. In addition, your bonus to combat maneuver DCs while raging increases to +2.

4th Circle - Greater RageEX

Your rage increases in potency. You gain 4 temporary HP per level when you rage instead of 2, and your bonuses to Fortitude and Will saves from Rage increase to +2.

Additionally, select one of the following abilities (this choice is permanent):

  • Hurling Charge: While raging, after making a melee attack as part of the Charge combat maneuver, you can use a ranged weapon in your possession to make a single ranged attack. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You can treat any square you moved into as part of the Charge combat maneuver as a square you occupy for purposes of the range, line of effect and line of sight of this attack.
  • Momentum Charge: While raging, if you use the Charge combat maneuver and your melee attack hits, you may immediately attempt the Bull Rush combat maneuver against the opponent hit. If your Bull Rush attempt succeeds, you may deal damage equal to your Key Offensive Modifier to that opponent.

5th Circle - Stubborn RageEX

While in a rage, you possess [Immunity] to effects with the [Mind-affecting] descriptor. In addition, your bonus to combat maneuver DCs while raging increases to +3.

6th Circle - Mighty RageEX

The power of your rage increases again. You gain 6 temporary HP per level when you rage instead of 4, and the bonus to Fortitude and Will saves increases to +4.

7th Circle - Heart of FuryEX

You are always considered “raging.” You can activate the Intimidating Rage ability once per [Encounter] as a swift action. At the beginning of an [Encounter], you gain temporary HP (as per Mighty Rage), and no less than 2 [Rounds] after gaining temporary HP from this ability, you may gain a new set of temporary HP as a swift action.