Shout of Doom

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Shout of Doom [Skill]

Your spell-reaving power shakes enemies to their core.
Prerequisites: Arcana as a trained skill, ability to use a [Dispelling] effect as an extraordinary, spell-like, or supernatural ability, or as a spell, 15th level
Benefit: Once per [Encounter] as a move action, immediately after using a [Dispelling] effect, you let loose an inaudible, reality-shaking scream against a single creature within [Medium] range or the range of that [Dispelling] effect, whichever is longer. Pick any two of the following: attack rolls, skill rolls, Fortitude saving throws, Reflex saving throws, Will saving throws, or Armor Class. For the next two [Rounds], any bonuses to the chosen statistics granted by the target creature's tracks are halved.
Special: You may not activate Disjunction and Shout of Doom with the same [Dispelling] effect.