The Sun Grows Dim

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The Sun Grows Dim [General]

You bear the sigil of the Brass Dawn on your skin, a vast, tessellating design that serves as a channel for your patron. This deathless and forgotten entity is said to be the embodiment of the first sunset and the second sunrise.

Benefit: As a swift action, you can draw together the shadows to form one of the following: a melee or ranged weapon with the [Hold-out] and [Quick-draw] weapon properties, and one other weapon property of your choice; or another small, mundane object no bigger than 1 cubic foot. This weapon or object manifests in your hand or on your person, and fades to dust at the end of the [Encounter].

At 5th level, once per [Scene], as a standard action, you may create little, shadowy servitors using this ability, allowing you to cast prying eyes as a spell-like ability.

At 10th level, you can communicate through the shadowy eyes created by this spell-like ability, and gain a +2 to all interaction skill checks made through them or in their presence.