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Virtue: The Seven Circles of Renewal


1st Circle - FontSU

Once per [Encounter], you may draw up an immobile wellspring of vitality called a font which manifests as a low steady hum and a single spark of light. As a swift action, you may place it anywhere within 10 ft + 5 ft per two character levels. Each [Round], at the start of your turn, an arc of restorative energy strikes one ally of your choice within your [Close] range of the font, and heals 2 HP plus your character level and your Charisma modifier. A font expires after a number of [Rounds] equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 2). Fonts do not occupy a square, and cannot be targeted or affected by anything but the Virtue track abilities of their creator.

2nd Circle - IconEX

You may now place up to two fonts per [Encounter], using a separate swift action to place each.

3rd Circle - DawnsignEX

Fonts you place now persist for a number of [Rounds] equal to twice your Charisma modifier (minimum 4 [Rounds]), and an additional font emanates from you passively, beginning on your first turn each [Encounter].

4th Circle - Vitality EngineSU

If any portion of the HP healed by an arc would have no effect on a target due to his or her HP being full, instead of simply being wasted, that target gains temporary HP equal to the amount of healing that would have normally had no effect. Unlike normal temporary HP, this stacks to a maximum of half the target's normal max HP. This temporary HP lasts for the duration of the [Encounter].

5th Circle - Holy GlyphSU

Instead of its normal benefit, an arc from one of your fonts may be used to expunge any one of the following conditions: [Shaken], [Entangled], [Nauseated], [Dazzled],[Deafened], [Blinded], or [Sickened].

You can trigger and direct a single arc from one of your fonts as a swift action, in addition to the normal arcs at the beginning of your turn.

6th Circle - Star SparkSU

An arc may be used to expunge any one of the following conditions instead of healing: [Stunned], [Slowed], [Battered], or [Dazed]. Additionally, any time you use your swift action to generate an additional arc, you may destroy any one of your fonts to create an arc that heals 50 points of damage and [Teleport] that ally anywhere within range of a remaining font. You may not destroy the font emanating from your person.

7th Circle - RebirthSU

You may destroy a font as part of your swift action to generate an arc that revives a [Dead] ally, healing the ally to 50 hit points in the process (if the ally's maximum hit points are less than 50, he gains the rest as temporary HP). If you opt to do this, you may not destroy a font with Star Spark as part of the same action. You may not destroy the font emanating from your person.