Creating a Character Above First Level

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Many games feature characters higher than 1st level, and feature characters who are much more significant in terms of power and capability. To start play with a character higher than 1st level, follow the steps below.

Ability Selection

Ability scores are generated in the same way when making a 1st level character. Then, Character Advancement and increase your ability scores by the amounts given for a character of your level. For example, a 7th-level barbarian with the Rage track would likely choose to increase Strength by +4 and Constitution by +2, and could increase any other score by +2 as well (depending on the specific character).

Race, Class, and Skill Selection

All of these are done exactly as if making a 1st level character. Your class choice, as well as any tracks acquired through multiclassing, is the same as a 1st-level character; however, you gain all the abilities possessed by a character of your level. You have ranks in your chosen skills equal to your level.

Feat Selection

Choose a number of feats equal to the number of feat slots given for your level in Character Advancement. You must meet all prerequisites for a feat at the level you acquire the slot for that feat (so you can’t put a feat in the level 6 slot if it has a prerequisite of character level 9).

Spell Selection

Choose the abilities you want your character to possess at every level where you have a choice between different spells, powers, or abilities.

Item Selection

Choose a set of items, consumables, and other commodities from the list given in Equipment#Items and Characters. Determine what kinds of items you are entitled to, and how many of each kind you can use. Characters who have chosen the Full Buy-In option receive many fewer items than normal.