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HP / Level 12 BAB Good Skills 5
Fort Ref Will
Varies Varies Varies
KOM Varies KDM Con
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Path of War Path of Destruction Path of the Ancestors


All cultures have tales of the barbarian: a primal warrior capable of feats of strength that astonish lesser men. But not all barbarians are crazed berserkers. Some are determined warriors who channel a strength not entirely their own; some are chiefs of the woods that can call on a host of fighters to descend on their foes. All, however, can burst forth with a deadly might at the moment of need, and all are truly terrifying to behold.

Party Role

A barbarian is the master of damage, equally skilled at dealing and receiving it. Don’t be afraid to charge straight into the fray and chop the heads off anyone who threatens your allies.

Barbarians in Your Game

Barbarians make excellent tribesmen or savages, but their strength and resilience can also be found in gladiator arenas or the ranks of the army’s elite battalions.


Path of War

Most barbarians are warriors that thrive on adrenaline fueled rage which lends them devastating strength and keeps them fighting beyond typical limits. These barbarians take the Rage track. Some, however, are frenzied weapon masters who dance through battle like a cyclone of bladed death. These barbarians take the Dervish track. You can choose either Rage or Dervish when you gain your first circle of your Path of War. This choice is permanent, although you can multiclass out of this track as normal.

Path of Destruction

Path of the Ancestors