Fortune's Friend

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Fortune's Friend

Some people are just lucky. Whether by the blessings of some god, the accumulation of charms, or some innate ability to manipulate fate, things always seem to go more favorably for a very fortunate few. Your Key Defensive Modifier is Charisma, reflecting your ability to talk and finagle your way out of otherwise-deadly scrapes.


1st Circle - A Little to the LeftEX

You seem to narrowly dodge what would otherwise be lethal blows. Once per [Encounter], if you would be reduced to negative hit points, you are instead reduced or healed to 1 hit point and immediately gain a move action. If you have the Swashbuckler track, this move action triggers the Once More! ability (if you wish to use it).

2nd Circle - ImprovisationEX

As a swift action, you can grant yourself or an ally within [Close] range a +2 bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks until the beginning of your next turn.

3rd Circle - Gift of GabEX

By distracting your opponents with constant jokes, elaborate discourse, and simple nonsense, you gain a +3 deflection bonus to Armor Class and a +3 bonus to Reflex saving throws.

4th Circle - Better Lucky and GoodEX

Twice per [Encounter], once per [Round], you can remove any one of the following conditions from yourself: [Battered], [Bleeding], [Blinded], [Confused], [Cowering], [Dazed], [Dazzled], [Deafened], [Entangled], [Exhausted], [Fatigued], [Frightened], [Nauseated], [Panicked], [Paralyzed], [Petrified], [Shaken], [Sickened] or [Stunned]. Activating this ability does not require an action, and can be done even if a condition would normally prevent you from acting.

5th Circle - Changing the OddsEX

Things that shouldn't work in your favor sometimes do anyway. Once per [Scene], plus an additional time for every Fortune's Friend circle you possess (including this one), as a swift action, you can reroll a single d20 roll you made after knowing whether that roll succeeds or fails. You must keep the second result, even if it's unfavorable.

6th Circle - Never Tell Me the OddsEX

Once per [Round] as an immediate action, you may add 1d4 to a single d20 roll you made after knowing the numerical result of the roll, and treat the sum as the new result of that roll. If the result of the two dice rolls together is 20 or higher, it counts as rolling a natural 20 in any situation in which a natural 20 would matter.

7th Circle - Roll With ItEX

Once per [Round], when you would take any amount of damage, you may take half that much damage instead.