I Am Ten Ninjas

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I Am Ten Ninjas

Practitioners of the exotic art of espionage known as ninjutsu often develop near-supernatural abilities to complement their stealth training. Your Key Defensive Modifier is Wisdom, as perceptiveness and self-control are critical in learning the art of the ninja.


1st Circle - Smoke Bomb!EX

As a ninja, you are well-schooled in the art of disappearing at a moment’s notice. As a swift action, you can create an obscuring mist, as the spell. Creating a fourth obscuring mist causes the oldest of your obscuring mists to disperse immediately.

2nd Circle - Ninja ReflexesEX

Once per [Encounter], when you make a successful Reflex saving throw against an offensive action that would normally have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as a spell with a save of "Reflex half"), you may choose to instead ignore the effect entirely.

3rd Circle - Shadow StepEX

As a swift action, you gain [Blindsight] out to [Melee] range and may add the [Teleport] descriptor to any of your movements for one [Round]. Whenever you activate the Smoke Bomb! ability, you may activate Shadow Step without taking another action.

4th Circle - Hummingbird StanceEX

You gain the Fly movement mode. In addition, as a standard action, you can move up to your speed and make a single attack at any point during your movement.

5th Circle - Flash of ShadowsEX

Once per [Encounter] per 4 levels, as an immediate action, you can [Teleport] a distance up to your movement speed.

6th Circle - Paint It BlackEX

You can make a Stealth check as a swift or immediate action. In addition, you no longer suffer a penalty to your Stealth check for moving at more than half your movement speed. Once per [Encounter], you may retain the result of your Stealth check after taking an offensive action.

7th Circle - Void DiscipleEX

You are permanently [Invisible] and have [Immunity] to the [Revealed] condition. Special vision modes like [Blindsight], [Ghostwise sight], and [Tremorsense] do not allow creatures to ignore the effects of the [Invisible] condition on you. As a free action, you can turn this ability on or off. However, you must still use the Stealth skill to remain fully unseen.