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You zap people with dark energies and listen to depressing music. Life sucks, then you get reanimated as a zombie and forget it ever happened.

When you select this track, choose your highest Spellcasting Ability Modifier (SAM), or if you do not have a SAM, your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modifier. This becomes your Track Ability Modifier (TAM) for this track. The save DC for abilities under this track is equal to 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Track Ability Modifier. Unless otherwise noted, all abilities of this track are spell-like abilities and activated via a standard action.

Optional Rule: Speak with Dead

Once per [Scene] you can grant the semblance of life and intellect to a corpse for half an hour, allowing it to answer several questions that you put to it. You may ask one question per two levels you possess. Unasked questions are wasted if the duration expires. The corpse is compelled to answer each question truthfully, although the corpse’s knowledge is limited to what the creature knew during life, including the languages it spoke (if any), and the creature is only compelled to answer the explicit question asked. Furthermore, you can only interrogate a corpse that is reasonably intact (at least head and throat) and cannot interrogate a corpse that has been subject to Speak With Dead in the previous week. If the corpse is already animated, such as an [Undead] creature, you cannot interrogate it with this ability.


1st Circle - Apprentice of DarknessSLA

You can choose to damage [Undead] creatures with [Negative] effects as if they were not [Undead] and wheneverone of your abilities would affect a creature with [Immunity] to [Negative] effects you may choose to treat their [Immunity] as if it were [Greater resistance] to damage with the [Negative] descriptor.

Additionally, choose one of the following abilities. This choice is permanent. When you gain your 4th Circle of the Necromancer track, you can activate your chosen ability as part of a standard action to activate any spell-like ability from the Necromancer track (including your chosen ability).

  • Cause Fear: As a move action, you may force an opponent within [Close] range to become [Shaken] for 2 [Rounds]. A successful Will save negates the [Shaken] condition. This is a [Fear], [Mind-affecting] ability.
  • Chill Touch: You may deal damage equal to 1d4 per level you posses plus your KOM to an opponent within [Melee] range. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity, but it requires a successful melee attack roll. This is a [Negative] ability.

2nd Circle - Whispers of the AfterlifeSU

Choose one of the following abilities (this choice is permanent):

  • False Life: As a swift action, you can give yourself 1 temporary HP per level. These temporary HP disappear at the end of the [Scene].
  • Crippling Aura: You can summon the negative energy that courses through the world to wrack enemies around you with pain and limit their mobility. Once per [Encounter], as a swift action, you may create a spread with a radius of your [Close] range originating from you that moves with you and lasts until the end of the [Encounter]. Whenever an opponent ends its turn in a square within the spread, it takes a -10 ft penalty to its movement speed on its next turn. This is a [Negative] ability.

3rd Circle - Blight From the BeyondSLA

Pick one of the following abilities (this choice is permanent):

4th Circle - Ebb and FlowSLA

Choose one of the following abilities (this choice is permanent):

  • Enervation: Once per [Encounter], you may inflict the [Energy drained] condition 1d4 times on an opponent within [Medium] range. This requires a successful ranged attack roll. This is a [Negative] ability.
  • Enervating Strike: Once per [Encounter] as a swift action, you can empower your melee attacks with negative energy; each time you hit an opponent with a melee attack this [Round], you inflict [Energy drained] on the hit opponent. This is a [Negative] ability.
  • Protection from Death: Once per [Encounter] as a swift action, you may grant a single target within [Close] range [Immunity] to [Death] effects and all conditions and non-damaging effects inflicted by abilities with the [Negative] descriptor and [Greater resistance] to all damage dealt by abilities with the [Negative] descriptor. This effect lasts for the [Encounter].

5th Circle - Dread LordSLA

Choose one of the following abilities (this choice is permanent):

  • Slay Living: Once per [Encounter] you can do 6 damage per level to a target within [Close] range and apply the [Battered] condition to that target. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage and prevents the damage from reducing the target below 1 hit point. This is a [Negative], [Death] ability.
  • Retributive Armor: Once per [Encounter] as a move action, you can call up clouds of negative energy that surround your person and lash out at your foes. For the remainder of the [Encounter], for each opponent, the first time each [Round] that opponent hits you with an attack while within [Close] range, that opponent is [Shaken] for 1 [Round] and dealt 1 point of damage per level. This is a [Negative] ability.

6th Circle - Wave of TerrorSLA

You can release a huge wave of negative energy. Once per [Encounter], you may create a wedge with a length of 5 ft per level you possess originating from you which deals 1d6 damage per level you possess and inflicts the [Exhausted] and [Frightened] conditions to all opponents in its area. A successful Fortitude save leaves the opponents [Fatigued] and [Shaken] instead of [Exhausted] and [Frightened]. This is a [Negative], [Fear], [Mind-affecting] ability.

7th Circle - Wail of the BansheeSLA

You can release a horrible shriek, rending the air and destroying your enemies completely. Once per [Encounter], you may create a spread with a radius equal to your [Medium] range originating from you, dealing 6 damage per level and applying the [Battered] condition to all opponents within [Medium] range. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage. This is a [Negative], [Death] ability.