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HP / Level 8 BAB Poor Skills 6
Fort Ref Will
Varies Varies Varies
KOM Varies KDM Varies
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Sage's Wrath Force of Will Arcane Secrets


Whatever the time or place, there are always dark secrets hidden away, ripe for the inquisitive mind to plunder. The sage is such a mind, and her knowledge of unsavory arcana gives her many an advantage over her comparatively ignorant opponents. The magic of a sage is not shackled by traditional conceptions and petty precautions that lesser beings adhere to, making each sage uniquely unpredictable in her abilities and fighting style. For that same reason, sages tend to be loners – two sages rarely have many things in common, making it difficult to learn from one another.

Sages are diverse and learn from all of the world’s mysteries. Your Key Offensive Modifier is any mental ability modifier, and your Key Defensive Modifier is any physical ability modifier, chosen at character generation. Additionally, you may choose any two saving throws as your Good saves, with the remaining one becoming a Poor save.

Party Role

Depending on your choice of abilities for Sage’s Wrath, you will either be harrying opponents from a distance or up close and personal, inflicting both damage and debilitating status effects. Don’t stay still long enough to get hit.

Sages in Your Game

There is no better class than sage to represent a demon-worshipping cultist or the cleric of a mad god, but they also make fine battle priests and spellswords. Because many of their abilities help allies, sages make good squad leaders on a battlefield.


Sage's Wrath

When troubles wrack normal people, the sage grimly plies ancient crafts to enforce her will on the battlefield. Choose either the Just Blade or Arcane Lore track. You gain the abilities of that track at the levels stated in the table.

Force of Will

Arcane Secrets