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HP / Level 10 BAB Good Skills 5
Fort Ref Will
Varies Varies Varies


+2 Cha [Varies] size
[Magical beast] type
Bonus Feats You Will Falter
Open Lesser Binding
The Earth Cracks

In many ways, there’s simply nothing more emblematic of fantasy than a giant dragon. While mid-sized and compact economy models are quite popular these days, full-scale dragons remain the creature of choice when you absolutely, positively must scare the pants off of an adventuring party. The dragon track is a distillation of the smallest set of common traits shared by most dragons, which can be combined with other tracks to better describe a specific kind of dragon.

Dragons can be [Average] or [Large], a permanent choice established on their creation. Dragons may also choose any two saves to be their Good saves. The remaining save becomes a Poor save.


1st Circle - AgilityEX

You gain the Fly movement mode. You also gain the following natural weapon:

2nd Circle - VitalityEX

Your maximum HP increases by one point per character level per circle of the Dragon track you possess, to a maximum of +140 HP at 20th level.

3rd Circle - True DragonEX

This marks your transition from your previous form to the dragon you were meant to be. Your scales have formed a protective coat, which can be improved with enchantments as if it were armor, though it is not treated as armor for any other purpose. This coat grants you a +3 item bonus to AC, which improves by +1 if it is enchanted as a Lesser item, or +2 if it is enchanted as a Greater item, or +3 if it is enchanted as a Relic, or +4 if it is enchanted as an Artifact. The Masterwork enchantment can never be applied to your scales. In addition, whenever you hit with an attack using your Dragon Claws, you are healed for half the damage you dealt on that attack, up to your level in HP. Abilities or effects that would increase this ability’s healing do so only once per [Round].

4th Circle - DignityEX

All conditions and [Binding] effects affecting you have their durations reduced by one [Round], to a minimum of 1 [Round]. If a condition would normally persist for an [Encounter], it instead lasts eight [Rounds] or until the [Encounter] ends, whichever occurs first. If a condition would normally persist for a [Scene], it instead lasts for the [Encounter]. If a condition would normally persist for a [Quest], it instead lasts for the [Scene]. Permanent conditions are unaltered.

5th Circle - EnduranceEX

Fatal damage you are subjected to takes a full [Round] to kill or incapacitate you. During that [Round], you may be healed.

6th Circle - PowerEX

Twice per [Encounter], as a swift action, you may let loose a horrible challenge. Opponents within [Close] range are [Deafened] for one [Round], and they must use their standard and move actions to either flee or approach you (using standard actions to Run and move actions to move), or target you with offensive actions for one [Round]. A successful Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your KOM) negates this effect.

7th Circle - Great WyrmEX

You have grown in power, transcending the mortality of lesser beings. Once per [Scene], whenever you die or are rendered [Unconscious], you are revived at the beginning of the next [Round] with full HP. You can delay your revival or choose not to return at all. If you die more than once during a [Scene], you may come back to life at the beginning of the next [Quest].