Creature Types

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Creature types are classifications that all creatures possess. These types help outline general differences between large categories of creatures and any special traits they may have as a result. The descriptions and traits of Legend's basic creature types are covered below.


So totally alien that they defy classification, aberrations include such beings as animate oozes or entities of pure mind, and have the following trait:


Normal animals, such as dogs, horses, and dinosaurs, are Mooks, and have the following traits:


Constructs are mechanical creatures that may or may not be magically animated, including golems and robots, and have the following traits:

Mindless constructs are Mooks and have the following additional trait:


Fey often resemble humanoids in appearance, if you can get past the antennae, wings, unearthly eyes, and many other traits that many fey creatures possess.


Giants are largely humanoid in appearance, but all adult giants are at least [Large] size, making them stronger but also somewhat clumsier. Many unique giants have the Utter Brute racial track.


Humanoids have no special abilities, but are versatile and lack glaring vulnerabilities. Races with no associated racial tracks are humanoids.

Magical Beast

Magical beasts include dire animals and intelligent, inherently magical animal-like creatures. Many unique magical beasts have the Utter Brute or Dragon racial track.


Outsiders are creatures from beyond or outside the natural order. All have an outsider racial track (such as Celestial or Demon) and the following racial traits:

  • TimelessEX: Timeless creatures do not age.
  • ResistantEX: All outsiders have [Lesser resistance] to a single energy type, listed in their racial statistics.


Normal plants typically have no statistics at all, as they are not capable of meaningful independent action. However, a few abnormal plants are creatures and capable of action. They have the following trait:

Plants that are animated but lack intelligence are Mooks with the following additional trait:


Primordials are personifications of powerful natural forces. This includes Elementals which are tied to one or more of the four elements and typically have an Elemental track.

Primordial Mooks have the following trait:


Undead creatures are the revenants of previously-dead creatures of other types (most often humanoids, but undead giants and dragons are also quite common, while undead animals and fey are not unheard of). They have the following traits:

  • Curse of UndeathEX: [Positive] effects damage undead creatures, while [Negative] effects heal undead creatures. Any [Resistance] or [Vulnerability] an undead creature has against damage with the [Negative] descriptor is ignored if it would be healed by that damage. Note that not all healing is a [Positive] effect.
  • TimelessEX: Timeless creatures do not age.
  • UnstoppableEX: Undead reduce the duration of the [Fatigued] condition by half (minimum one [Round]), and have [Immunity] to [Exhausted].

Almost all intelligent undead creatures have the Undead track. Mindless undead are Mooks with the following additional trait: