Utter Brute

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HP / Level 12 BAB Good Skills 4
Fort Ref Will
Varies Varies Varies

Utter Brute

+2 Con [Varies] size
[Varoes] type
Bonus Feats Weaponized

There exist a set of creatures more defined by their size and brutal nature than any other aspect. Ranging from giant bears to cyborg gnomes from hell, Utter Brutes can be [Small], [Average], or [Large], and they may be [Humanoid], [Giant], or [Magical beast]. They choose one of Reflex or Will; that save is a Good save for the Utter Brute, and the other is Poor. Fortitude is always a Good save for Utter Brutes. These choices of size, creature type, and saves are permanent, and are established during the Utter Brute's creation.

When this track offers you a choice of several abilities, the choice you make is permanent. This track provides some fury bonuses which stack with other fury bonuses from this track. At the beginning of your turn, you may choose not to benefit from fury bonuses to attack rolls, damage, and save DCs until the beginning of your next turn. Attacks and abilities that benefit from a fury bonus to attack rolls, damage or save DCs cannot also deal damage with the [Precision] descriptor.


1st Circle - UncivilizedEX

You gain the following natural weapon:

In addition, select one of the following abilities:

  • Defender: You gain a bonus that is both fury and item to Armor Class equal to the higher of +2 or the number of circles of Utter Brute you possess.
  • Attacker: You gain a bonus that is both fury to your attack rolls equal to the number of circles of Utter Brute you possess.

2nd Circle - UnforgivingEX

The first time you hit with an attack each [Round], after dealing damage, you deal [HP reduction] equal to that amount of damage up to your character level. In addition, once per [Encounter] when you would become [Dead], you may first take a standard action. You are still [Dead] after taking the action, so healing won't help you, and you can't activate abilities to resurrect yourself if you opt to activate Unforgiving. Triggered abilities with no action cost may be activated instead of the standard action.

3rd Circle - UnrelentingEX

At the beginning of your turn, you may move 5 ft. At the end of your turn, you may move 5 ft. Effects and conditions other than [Dead] that prevent movement do not prevent this. If you are [Grappled] or [Pinned], this movement causes the creature grappling or pinning you to move 5 ft in the same direction and does not end the [Grappled] or [Pinned] condition. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

4th Circle - UnnaturalEX

Select a set of bonuses from the following. These bonuses are fury bonuses.

5th Circle - UnspeakableEX

Choose two of the following abilities (these choices are permanent):

  • Flight: You gain the Fly movement mode.
  • Focus: You can eavesdrop on telepathic communication if any participant is within [Close] range.
  • Flexibility: Your [Melee] range is increased by 10 ft.
  • Flesh: You gain [Fast healing] equal to your character level.

6th Circle - UnbreakableEX

You gain [Immunity] to two of the following: [Stunned], [Dazed], [Prone], [Slowed], [Fear] effects (this includes [Shaken], [Frightened], [Panicked] and [Cowering]).

7th Circle - UnstoppableEX

You gain [Immunity] to [Unconscious] and [Dying], though you still die at -(Constitution) HP. Additionally, every time you hit an opponent with an attack, you may move that opponent 5 ft in any direction.