A Reign of Arrows

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A Reign of Arrows


1st Circle - Dead-eyeEX

You fight best when you don’t fight fair. When you hit a [Flat-footed] opponent with a ranged attack, you deal 3 additional damage with the [Precision] descriptor per 2 character levels, to a minimum of 3 additional damage with the [Precision] descriptor.

2nd Circle - Return FireEX

Once per [Round], when an opponent within [Close] range attacks you, you may make a ranged attack against that opponent that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. If your attack hits, it deals damage equal to your character level and leaves your target [Flat-footed] for one [Round].

3rd Circle - RicochetEX

You can intercept any sort of projectile, given a chance. As an immediate action, you can intercept and hinder any ranged attack, spell, supernatural ability, or spell-like ability that would target or affect an ally within [Close] range. Make an attack roll with a ranged weapon you are wielding. For purposes of that offensive action, the ally can freely choose to replace its Armor Class or any saves it makes with your attack roll.

4th Circle - Missile BarrageEX

Each attack you make is part of a carefully planned pattern of fire. Immediately after taking an attack action in which all attacks are made against target creature, you may create a spread with a radius of 5 ft per 5 levels you possess originating from target creature, causing each creature in the area besides target creature to be [Blown away] in a direction of your choice.

5th Circle - A Crashing of HeavenEX

You learn to take aim, steady your breathing, and unleash devastation on your foe. Twice per [Encounter], as a move action, your next ranged attack this [Round] deals additional damage equal to four times your character level if it hits. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1⁄2 your level + your KOM) halves the additional damage and prevents that attack from reducing your target below 1 HP. Whether it hits or misses, this attack inflicts the [Battered] condition on your target. This is a [Death] effect.

6th Circle - Storm BoltEX

Once per [Round], as a swift action, you may make your next ranged attack this [Round] into a Storm Bolt; if the attack hits, your target becomes [Dazed] for one [Round]. A successful Reflex save (DC 10 +1⁄2 your character level + your Key Offensive Modifier) negates the [Dazed] condition.

7th Circle - Thus Always UntoSU

As a swift action, you can sap the will and ability of your opponents with every strike; until the end of your turn, whenever you hit an opponent with a ranged attack, you may inflict the [Energy drained] condition on that opponent. A successful Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1⁄2 your level + your KOM) negates the [Energy drained] condition and instead leaves the opponent [Flat-footed] for one [Round].