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Judgement: The Seven Circles of Knowing

If you possess the Bastion track, all allies within the area of your Bastion Aura gain the Knowing ability from this track. At the beginning of each [Encounter], you may choose an ability you possess that is a [Bastion] effect. Until the end of the [Encounter], all allies within the area of your Bastion Aura gain that ability.


1st Circle - KnowingSU

You are aware, in the general sense, of the moral and ideological predilections of any sentient creature within a spread with a radius of 15 ft + 5 ft per Judgment circle you possess originating from you. This spread moves with you, is not a divination effect, and is always on. It does not automatically penetrate [Invisible], [Concealed], or Stealth, but if you can otherwise circumvent these effects, Knowing will function unimpeded. Likewise, you become aware of the likely major moral implications of your actions. Just how much you are aware of these implications is determined by the GM. You also gain a +4 bonus to Awareness and to Perception checks. This is a [Bastion] effect.

2nd Circle - MercySU

Once per [Encounter], as an immediate action or part of another immediate action, you may prevent up to three times your character level in damage that would be dealt to any ally within your Knowing. This can only be done as the damage is being dealt, but may be activated after you know exactly how much damage a given effect will deal. This is a [Bastion] effect.

3rd Circle - GraceSU

You gain a +3 bonus to all saves, 2 additional HP per level, and gain [Immunity] to all [Fear] effects.

4th Circle - RequitalSU

Opponents who start moving within the range of your Knowing suffer a 20 ft penalty to their movement speed, for the purposes of that move. This does not affect 5 ft steps.

5th Circle - LightSU

You may now, at any time, illuminate the area around you out to the limit of the Knowing. This may be turned on or off as a free action. In addition, you gain [Blindsight] with a range equal to the radius of the Knowing. This is a [Bastion] effect.

6th Circle - EnduranceSU

The first time in each [Encounter] that you fail a saving throw against a harmful effect, the effect is negated without affecting you. This is a [Bastion] effect.

7th Circle - AllegianceSU

You are indefatigable. You gain [Immunity] to [Mind-affecting], [Fatigued], [Exhausted], [Blown away], [Stunned], [Dazed], and cannot be knocked [Prone].