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HP / Level 10 BAB Good Skills 5
Fort Ref Will
Good Poor Good
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Dedication Oath Judgment


All paladins draw strength from the concept of justice – but that means different things for different people. Some paladins serve the law, capturing criminals and taking them to the authorities. Others take the law into their own hands, and mete out punishment to those they consider wicked. Whatever a paladin’s cause may be, their dedication to that cause gives them supernatural strength and resilience that strikes fear into the most die-hard criminal.

Party Role

Paladins are one of Legend's most diverse character classes, and can fill any number of roles, but they excel at taking a beating without flinching, and shielding their allies from harm.

Paladins in Your Game

The most obvious role for a paladin is a sheriff, knight or any other manifestation of authority and the law, but they also make excellent bounty hunters or dogmatic zealots of an evil god.


The Judgment track is common to all paladins, and so is listed directly on the ability chart. You cannot multiclass into or out of Judgment. The paladin must also choose any one paladin track (other than Knowing) for the Dedication progression, and one other paladin track (other than Knowing) for the Oath progression.


Dedications and Oaths