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HP / Level 10 BAB Good Skills 6
Fort Ref Will
Good Good Poor
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Professional Soldier Daggers and Bolts Battle's Tempering


Rangers are masters of guerilla warfare, capable scouts and vicious soldiers that use their environment and shrewd tactics to dispose of their enemies. Though their skills are naturally suited for war, during rare times of peace rangers ply their deadly trade in the wilderness as hunters, wardens or poachers.

Though their abilities are well-suited for working alone, rangers sometimes form groups with like-minded characters such as rogues and barbarians in order to shore up their weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

Party Role

Rangers are masters at scouting ahead to look for enemies or traps, and can set deadly ambushes with their stealth skills and traps. This makes them especially potent against groups of weaker enemies.

Rangers in Your Game

As many rangers serve in armies as live in forests and turn to banditry. Any job where things need to be killed with a minimum of fuss is a job that a ranger can excel at. Rangers are capable trappers and huntsmen, but can also be skilled swordfighters proficient in an exotic fighting style.


Professional Soldier

Daggers and Bolts

Most rangers are master snipers, striking fear into the hearts of demon generals and aberrant tyrants. These rangers take the Reign of Arrows track. Some, however, devote themselves to an ancient art of blade magic, built around chains of precise strikes that leave a worthy opponent devastated and helpless. Such masters of swordplay take the Iron Magi track. You can choose either Iron Magi or A Reign of Arrows when you gain your first circle of Daggers and Bolts. This choice is permanent, although you can multiclass out of this track as normal.

Battle's Tempering