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HP / Level 8 BAB Poor Skills 6
Fort Ref Will
Varies Good Varies
KOM Varies KDM Varies
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Rogue Offensive Track Rogue Defensive Track Esoterica Radica


No two rogues are quite the same, and some can show quite incredible variety. Whether by nature or nurture, rogues develop a wide range of talents, though any given rogue has a preference for certain aspects of that spectrum. These unorthodox fighting styles make rogues dangerous and unpredictable opponents, and they often relish in their enemies’ confusion. A rogue’s vast arsenal of tricks means they can keep their enemies guessing until the final blow. Some rogues like to make elaborate plans, but most play it fast and loose, relying on their famous luck when everything goes sour.

Rogues are either unsurpassed experts in skills or able combatants. At 1st level, a rogue chooses between either a Good Base Attack Bonus (equal to level) or 2 additional trained skills (bringing their base number of trained skills to 8). This choice is permanent.

In addition, rogues can choose between being slippery tricksters or hardy thugs. Choose one of Will or Fortitude; that save is a Good save for you, and the other is Poor. Reflex is always a Good save for rogues.

Party Role

Rogues are excellent at dealing lots of damage while remaining mobile. A rogue should always be on the lookout for her next target and deliver devastating blows where they count most. As a class that trains many skills, rogues are versatile characters both in and out of combat.

Rogues in Your Game

While it might be tempting to make all rogues some kind of thief, they can also serve as excellent scouts, pirates, musketeers, duelists, or undercover detectives. A rogue’s many skills make them excellent experts of almost any profession.


Each rogue chooses a single track’s worth of offensive class features and a single track’s worth of defensive class features. You choose both your offensive and defensive track at 1st level, determining your KOM and KDM. Once made, these choices are permanent. Unless stated otherwise, rogue abilities are extraordinary and can be used at will. While rogues can choose different offensive and defensive tracks, one track is common to all rogues and cannot be traded away via multiclassing (or accessed via multiclassing). This track is the basic set of tricks that all rogues use, called the Esoterica Radica.

The variety inherent to rogues means that rogues vary in their Key Ability Modifiers. Your choice of offensive track determines your Key Offensive Modifier, and your choice of defensive track determines your Key Defensive Modifier. If you multiclass out of one of these tracks, you may choose any ability modifier for the KOM (for rogues without an offensive track) or KDM (for rogues without a defensive track); of course, the two modifiers must still be linked to different abilities.

Rogue Offensive Track

Pick one of the following tracks. You gain the abilities of your chosen track in order, at the level shown in the table for your class.

Rogue Defensive Track

Pick one of the following tracks. You gain the abilities of your chosen track in order, at the level shown in the table.

Esoterica Radica