Quick Start Guide

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The first step in playing Legend is creating a character for your Legend game. If you are playing a one-shot or a similar brief game, and only require enough information to fill out a character sheet, you can use the Quick Start Guide to generate a character. If you are playing a longer game, you may wish to devote a little more time and effort to developing a character concept and finding the mechanical abilities that best support it; see Advanced Character Creation.

Quick Start

To create a character quickly, follow these steps:

Choose a Race

Choose a race from the options detailed in Races: Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Human, or Orc.

Choose a Class

Legend Core Classes
Class HP/Lvl BAB Good Saves Bad Save KOM KDM Skills Description
Barbarian 10 Good Any Two Any One Varies Con 5 Terrifying and tough melee fighter
Monk 8 Good Any Two Any One Wis Con 6 Fast, precise martial artist
Paladin 10 Good Fort, Will Ref Str Cha 5 Supernaturally powerful arbiter of justice
Ranger 10 Good Fort, Ref Will Dex Int 6 Hunter, scout, and special operative
Rogue 8 Varies Ref, Any One Any One Varies Varies Varies Trickster who relies on skill in battle
Sage 8 Poor Any Two Any One Varies Varies 6 Master of arcane secrets and battle magic
Shaman 8 Poor Fort, Will Ref Wis Cha 6 Spellcaster with powers that heal or harm
Tactician 8 Poor Ref, Will Fort Int Con 9 Spellcaster who controls the battlefield

Choose a class from the table "Legend Core Classes." The tracks associated with each class, along with full descriptions of each track’s abilities, can be found in on their respective pages. If you have to make choices associated with your tracks (such as spell selection or choosing between different tracks for which you're eligible), make them now and write your tracks and track abilities down on your character sheet.

Assign Ability Scores

The default ability scores in Legend are 16, 14, 14, 12, 10, and 10. Assign them to Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, in the order you prefer. In general, it is best to assign high scores to your character’s Key Abilities, since those are the abilities on which your character most relies in a broad variety of situations.

Choose Your Skills

Choose skills. The number of skills available to the class you chose is noted in "Legend Core Classes." The skills you choose are considered "trained." You gain a bonus equal to your level on all skill checks using trained skills, as explained in Skills.

Choose Your Feats

Choose feats for your character from Feats. A first-level character has two feat slots, one of which must be chosen from the bonus feat for your character's race.

Choose Your Items

Choose items for your character from Equipment. A 1st character may have a reasonable number of mundane items and a single Lesser item. You gain the ability to use additional magic items as noted in Items and Characters; choose as many additional magic items as you can use, per the table. As explained in Equipment, you are not limited in your choice of mundane items except by your character concept; consult with your group if you are unclear on this point.

Unless your character is a spellcaster or otherwise has a wide range of offensive options, you should generally select a broad variety of weapons (including both ranged and melee weapons). If you're a higher-level character (5th level or higher), it is also generally wise to ensure your character is able to quickly move around the battlefield, via flight, teleportation, and similar abilities.

Fill in the Blanks

If you haven't written down or added up anything on your character sheet (such as your character's Base Attack Bonus, saving throw bonuses, or other numerical values), put it down now. You've already made the important choices in building your character, so you should be able to fill in the rest of the numbers without any trouble.