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HP / Level 8 BAB Poor Skills 6
Fort Ref Will
Good Poor Good
Medium Track Slow Track Fast Track
Incantation Shaman's Path Shaman Spellcasting


Many people never think about their relationship with the world around them, but for the shaman it is a sacred bond – simultaneously a way of thinking and a gateway to power over life and death, as well as potent magic. Because being a shaman is more of a world-view than it is a skill set, most shamans pursue another life parallel to their dedication to the natural world, bringing that experience into the shaman tradition. For this reason, shamans get along very well with other people, always eager to gain new insights from them.

Party Role

As a spellcaster, a shaman can tear the enemy asunder with powerful offensive magic, but the class also provides a large number of defensive and healing abilities that any party will appreciate. Many of your spells last all the way until you can prepare spells again; cast them on your allies at the start of the day, and they’ll keep on giving.

Shamans in Your Game

Though they make appropriate hermits or village healers, a shaman can also serve as a capable leader of men or a member of a priestly order that could be called upon to dispense either healing or divine punishment.



Shaman's Path

Shamans are a diverse lot, ranging from humble servants of nature to raving battle priests. Each shaman picks a track that fits them best, and gains a unique source of power in the process.

Pick an ability track, excluding the paladin's Judgment, the rogue's Esoterica Radica, this track, and other tracks with special requirements that you do not fulfill. That track replaces the Shaman's Path track for you.

If any circles from the chosen track would use ability score modifiers other than your KDM or your KOM to calculate an effect, you may choose to have them use your Wisdom modifier instead. You can't multiclass into or out of this track and choosing a racial track does not make you a member of that race.

Shaman Spellcasting