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Sometimes, being a magically empowered paladin of justice is not enough. Sometimes you want to be a magically empowered paladin of justice who is also a demon. Other times, you may want to play a vampire sage who wields the raw power of elemental fire, or a ranger who fights crime in the city streets. The tracks in this chapter are used for this purpose — adding a specialized concept to your character, whether it be a special skill or an unusually powerful race.

Extra Tracks

These tracks represent more specialized skills, and can be used for building adversaries and multiclassing. If you are interested in one of these tracks, remember the multiclassing rules – you may either swap out one of your class’s three regular tracks, or take the Full Buy-In option and add the extra track to your three regular tracks, at the cost of many of the magic items a Legend character is entitled to during their career.

When using tracks in this section, be mindful of how they interact with abilities you already have. Try to make sure that abilities from your class’s tracks support your extra track, or vice-versa.

Extra Track List

Racial Tracks

These tracks provide racial abilities for various types of monstrous NPCs or unusual PCs. They are available to PCs with group approval (since not all groups want to play on the same team with vampires or dragons). Each racial track is linked to a race and often a creature type. Use this race at character generation instead of one of the races found in Races.

Racial tracks possess "racial class" statistics (such as base attack bonus and save bonus progressions). This includes a new Key Offensive Modifier and Key Defensive Modifier, which are applied before any tracks (such as Demo Man) modify those statistics.

If you have a racial track, choose any class, then two tracks from that class. Treat this combination of tracks and class statistics as your character’s class. Your two chosen tracks retain their progressions from the chosen class, and your racial track gains the progression not used by either of the other tracks. You may multiclass out of a single track as normal, and you may multiclass out of a second track using the Guild Initiation feat. However, you may not multiclass out of your racial track.

As an example, let's say a player chooses the Dragon racial track, and selects the Paladin class to choose their two tracks from. They decide on Judgement: The Seven Circles of Knowing and Smiting: The Seven Circles of War using the Oath progression as their two chosen tracks. The character’s KOM is Strength, and their KDM is Charisma. If the player wanted to multiclass, they would only be able to multiclass out of Smiting, as per Judgment’s restrictions on multiclassing. Dragons racial track uses the paladin's Dedication progression.

Now let’s try a more complicated example. Let's become a Demon, and choose the rogue class, along with the Demo Man and Fortune's Friend tracks. Our KOM is Charisma, and our KDM is Constitution. However, we have two tracks that change our KAMs; Demo Man changes the KOM to Intelligence, and Fortune’s Friend changes the KDM to Charisma. If we decide to apply Demo Man’s change first, we end up with a KOM of Intelligence, and a KDM of Charisma. If we decide to instead apply the change from Fortune’s Friend first, we will first have Charisma as our KOM, and Constitution as our KDM, because our Charisma KOM prevents the change of our KDM to Charisma. We then apply the change from Demo Man, leaving us with a KOM of Intelligence, and a KDM of Constitution.

Racial Track List