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Feats represent extra abilities that you pick up as you become more experienced. They can be used to enhance your track abilities, to shore up some weaknesses, or simply to customize your character further. If your character concept is a warrior with a signature magical ability, or a spellcaster who can surprise would-be “mage hunters” with a tricky attack using his staff, then feats are probably the best way

You gain two feats at 1st level (one regular feat and one bonus feat from your race) and gain new feats at level 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18.

Some feats have prerequisites. You must satisfy the prerequisite – usually a level requirement or another feat – before you may select that feat. Should you somehow lose the prerequisites for a feat, it stops working until you regain the prerequisites.

Unless otherwise noted, a feat may only be taken once. You must meet the prerequisites for any feats you select at the level that you select them.

Remember that feat bonuses, like any bonuses of the same type, don’t stack with one another.

General Feats

General Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
Arcantric Accuracy 6th level +2 feat bonus to attack rolls. Improves when targeted by spells and spell-like abilities.
Baptized in Rage 9th level Inflict [Entangled] on opponents within 100 ft.
Battleforged Build-in natural weapon and armor.
Bravado Reaver Lower your Reaver bonuses to heal yourself. Bonuses from Reaver may rise to +5.
Breakneck Pace +15 ft to movement speed.
By Will Sustained [Immunity] to [Sickened], ignore basic biological needs. At 10th level, [Immunity] to [Nauseated].
Chatty Bugger 6th level Talk with anything, and gain increased resistance to social skill checks.
Cheerful Hemoglobin 6th level [Fast healing] 5 and [Immunity] to [Bleeding].
Damage Specialization 6th level Additional damage with the [Precision] descriptor equal to your KOM.
Drink Deep Livers Need Not Apply, 12th level Use 3 drinks for other related feats as a swift action twice per [Encounter].
Elemental Specialization Spellcasting track Spells that deal damage of a chosen energy type deal additional damage equal to your level.
Esoteric Adept Spellcasting track, 6th level Learn a single spell from any spell list.
Exit, Stage Left 1st level only Spend a swift action to gain a move action.
Feign Death 1st or 3rd level only Pretend to be [Dead], causing greatly exaggerated rumors.
Floating Feat 3rd level only Change a chosen feat at the beginning of every [Scene]. At 12th level, change two chosen feats.
Glyphweave Adept Spellcasting track Your spells are harder to identify, and you can improve them with extra effort.
Guild Initiation Switch one of your tracks for another, as per multiclassing.
Into the Breach Shadow Blink or The Sky Empties [Teleport] an adjacent ally and allow them to make an attack action.
Livers Need Not Apply Constitution 14, must not have The Bitter Dregs Store drinks inside your body, which can be consumed to heal you.
Manyspell Magus Glyphweave Adept, 9th level Break down higher level spells into numerous lower-level spells.
Multiclass Flexibility Must have multiclassed, Guild Initiation, or Full Buy-In Change a track’s reliance on one ability score to another ability score.
My Shadow Grows Long The Sun Grows Dim Use melee weapons to make a limited number of ranged attacks each turn.
Objective Analysis GM permission Examination reveals details of an object’s history.
Open Greater Binding Open Lesser Binding, 12th level Attune one additional Greater item.
Open Lesser Binding Attune one additional Lesser item.
Optimistic Viscera +1 hit point per level and +1 to all saves.
Reaver Must not have Livers Need Not Apply Every time you kill an opponent, gain a +1 to attack rolls and AC for the [Encounter], up to +4.
Recon Gain extra 5 ft step, allies move before a combat encounter starts. At 6th level, gain another 5 ft step.
Reprisal Reaver When your allies are badly injured, you heal and your Reaver bonus rises.
Ruinous Charge Strength KOM/KDM, 12th level, GM permission Gain the Burrow movement mode, and Charge through most mundane materials.
Rune Magic Spellcasting Track Prepare your spells as specialized arcane traps.
Senseshift Adept Project your senses from any part of your body.
Senseshift Magus Senseshift Adept, 6th level Trade appearances and locations with a target.
Seven Drunken Immortals Livers Need Not Apply Expend 3 drinks to heal yourself and allies in 15 ft.
Slow and Steady 1st level only Instead of falling [Prone], halve your movement speed.
Small Concessions Grant all parties one token in a social encounter.
Spirited Strength Livers Need Not Apply, 9th level Consume a drink to gain a fury bonus to attack and damage.
Summon Mote You gain a tiny supernatural ally of growing potency.
Telekinetic Adept Move objects that can be used as weapons. Gain a +2 bonus to Athletics, and apply Intelligence instead of Strength to Athletics checks.
Telekinetic Master By Will Sustained, Telekinetic Scion, 12th level Triples the weight you may lift with Telekinetic Scion. Gain +2 hit points per level and [Fast healing] equal to your level.
Telekinetic Scion Telekinetic Adept, 6th level Move up to 2,000 pounds with your mind and damage opponents with psychic forces.
Telekinetic Strength Telekinetic Scion Double the weight you may lift with Telekinetic Scion and increase the psychic punishment you can dish out.
The Bigger They Are +1/2 your level in damage to larger opponents.
The Bitter Dregs Must not have Livers Need Not Apply, 9th level You gain a +1 feat bonus to all d20 rolls.
The Earth Cracks [Tremorsense] out to 20 ft. Improved to 30 ft at 5th level and to 40 ft at 10th level.
The Left Hand of Destruction Must not have The Right Hand of Creation, 12th level Briefly delay all healing within [Close] range for 2 [Rounds].
The Right Hand of Creation Must not have The Left Hand of Destruction, 12th level Briefly delay all damage within [Close] range for 2 [Rounds].
The Sky Empties The Earth Cracks [Teleport] twice per [Encounter], damaging those in your path at 6th level.
The Smell of Napalm Livers Need Not Apply, 12th level Expend all remaining drinks to deal proportionate [HP reduction] to nearby opponents.
The Sun Grows Dim Manipulate the shadows to create small objects, and eventually cast prying eyes.
Three Body Collision Bull Rush adjacent opponents when you hit them, and damage opponents when you Bull Rush them into obstacles or occupied squares.
Towering [Large] size Attack [Flying] targets from the ground, and [Lesser resistance] to damage from grounded creatures.
Troubleshooter +2 to your Diplomacy and Intimidate defenses. Walk away from social encounters without losing tokens.
Truly Bad People Acid blood damages those who hit you.
Wake Push and damage opponents you move past
Wings of War 9th level Learn to Fly.
Weaponized 6th level Use your KOM for your weapon’s base damage
Words of Power Manipulate the fabric of reality to leave foes [Blinded], turn [Invisible], or turn into wind.
You Will Fail You Will Falter, 9th level Further reduce the potency of enemy healing effects.
You Will Falter 3rd level Reduce the potency of enemy healing effects.

Iconic Feats

Characters may only have one Iconic feat, and that feat cannot be exchanged or replaced by any means except direct GM permission. NPCs with [Iconic] feats should be relatively rare. [Iconic] feats may not be appropriate for all campaigns, so consult with your GM.

Iconic Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
A Light Against Shadow Emanate light, which you can intensify to inflict [HP reduction] and [Blinded] on nearby foes.
Big Damn Hero Briefly ignore many negative conditions.
Blacksmith Increase the bonuses of your weapons, armor and shields. At 6th and 12th levels, gain +1 hit point per level.
Dartmuth Secret Intelligence and Arcana replace other ability scores and Athletics for some purposes. At 5th level, leave special patches of rust to spy with.
Did the Math 12th level Take your turn over once per [Scene].
I Am Not Left-Handed Gain focus points for attacking, spend focus points to reduce the AC of your opponents.
Juggernaut [Large] size without penalties and improved Bull Rush. At 10th level, [Immunity] to [Slowed].
Justice, Blind You are permanently [Blinded] but can see beyond sight and your attacks are suitably precise.
Lucky Cigarette Case Your weapons gain the [Parrying] property, and you can quickly reduce damage taken by attacks.
On a Pale Horse When you slay one opponent, leave all others [Cowering].
Something of a Traditionalist Just Blade track +2 hit points per level. Eventually use Mystic Focus as part of the Charge maneuver.
Strike Down Just Blade track, Mystic Focus Infuse your Grim Heritor, and eventually your Mental Thrust, with furious electrical energy.
Vengeance is Mine Gain focus points, which can be spent to enact painful revenge upon taking damage.

Combat Feats

Combat Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
A Hell of a Thing 6th level Cause an opponent continuous damage and [HP reduction], but suffer [HP reduction] in return.
Batter Down To Iron Married, 6th level Opponents are [Prone] on a critical hit.
By Steel Beholden To Iron Married, 9th level Recover 1 HP per level on a critical hit.
Cataphract Ride trained While mounted, take no AC penalty for charging, gain +2 to attack rolls, and gain +2 to damage using Power Attack and Deadly Aim.
Fancy Footwork 6th level Give up attacks in an attack action for 5-ft steps.
In Mithril Reborn By Steel Beholden, 12th level Critical hit on an attack roll of 16 or 17.
Kensai One or more Style Feats, 6th level Intentionally miss on attacks to gain focus points. Spend focus points for combat bonuses.
Perfect Defense Interrupt enemy Charge, Deadly Aim or Power Attack maneuvers.
Reckless Strike When using Power Attack, take a penalty to AC instead of attack rolls.
Runic Gunknight One or more Style Feats, 12th level Make attacks in an area.
Shadow Blink As a swift action, [Teleport] when you move.
Sniper Perception trained Increase the range of your ranged weapons by one category, and use Perception in place of in combat Bluff checks.
Spectacular Beats Discipline of the Serpent track, 3rd level Master the use of improvised weapons for combat maneuvers.
Tell Them, Still Angry 6th level Explode on death, dealing [HP reduction].
To Iron Married Critical hit on an attack roll of 18 or 19.
Way of the Gun Any Style Feat, Discipline of the Serpent track Use select combat maneuvers with ranged attacks.
You Shall Not Pass Double your [Melee] range and make it impassable once per [Encounter].

Style Feats

You may have multiple Style feats, but you may only use (and gain the benefit of) one at a time, chosen each time you pick up, draw, or switch to a weapon, as a swift action, or part of a move action.

Style Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
A Song of Arrows 6th level Attack as an immediate action
And My Axe! +1 stacking damage each time you hit an opponent. At 10th level, this improves to +2.
Epic Flail Gain [Reach] for all melee weapons, and forsake [Reach] to ignore half your opponent's deflection bonus to AC.
Meteor Crush 3rd level Make a single attack that deals extra damage and knocks down [Flying] opponents.
Mighty Smash +2 damage on attacks, and apply attack penalties to opponents you hit multiple times.
Musketeer +KOM to damage on one attack using Deadly Aim per [Round]. At 10th level, two attacks.
Pistolero To Iron Married Opponents are [Blinded] on a critical hit.
Simply Smashing Extra damage and [Prone] to opponents you hit three times.
Swift-Hand Throw Opponents are [Burning] and [Knocked down] on a critical hit.
The Scattering Wind 3rd level Dispel effects with a hit once per [Encounter]. At 10th level, twice per [Encounter].
The Terrible Swift Lash One additional 5 ft step. At 10th level, as a swift action, knock an opponent [Prone] with an attack.
This is a Knife [HP reduction] on critical hits.

Skill Feats

These feats all require you to be trained in one or more skills and represent the ability to apply those talents in a new way. Many [Skill] feats grant bonuses to their associated skills, but remember that feat bonuses do not stack with one another.

Skill Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
Anatomical Targeteer Medicine trained, 6th level User the Medicine skill instead of Bluff or Perception in combat. Attacks inflict [Bleeding].
Arcane Engineer Rune Magic, Arcana and Engineering trained, 12th level Create portable rune traps and deploy them to nearby squares.
Arcane Magister Arcana trained +2 to Arcana checks and to DCs of magical abilities from one track.
Arcane Recitation Arcana trained, 6th level +3 to DCs of magical abilities as a swift action.
Charm Diplomacy trained, 6th level Persuade opponents in combat encounters to second-guess their offensive actions and prevent the use of Intimidate in social encounters.
Cloaked Casting Spellcasting track, Larceny trained +2 to Larceny checks. With a successful Larceny check, a spell you cast can’t be identified.
Confusion Bluff trained, 6th level Leave enemies [Confused] and force creatures to accede to demands in social encounters.
Create Teleportation Circle Two of Arcana, Engineering, or Geography trained, 9th level Construct a permanent dimensional gateway.
Daggerstorm Arcana trained, 9th level Unleash a hail of magical homing daggers.
Danger Sense Perception trained, 6th level +2 to Perception checks. Gain a second chance to notice the hidden.
Deft Strike Larceny trained Ignore [Damage reduction] and [Resistance] with a Larceny check.
Disjunction Engineering trained, a [Dispelling] ability, 12th level Weaken a creature's items temporarily.
Dread Secret History trained, 6th level Reveal a terrible truth, leaving a creature [Dazed].
Earthshaper Journeyman Geography trained, 9th level Burrow through earth and stone.
Earthshaper Liege Earthshaper Journeyman or Earthshaper Warden Armor of stone grants [Immunity] to [Blown away] and an item bonus to AC.
Earthshaper Warden Geography trained, 9th level [Resistance] to all damage on the first [Round] of combat.
Explosives Expert Engineering trained, Demo Man track +2 to Demo Man DCs and Engineering checks.
Ghost Hunter Perception trained, 6th level +2 to Perception checks, use see invisibility, and turn physical damage from your weapons into magic damage with the [Force] descriptor.
Journeyman Healer Medicine trained Decrease Medicine DCs for nearby allies by 2.
Lightbender Adept Arcana trained, 6th level Call the shadows to play back past events and reveal [Invisible] creatures.
Lightbender Magus Lightbender Adept Control light to leave opponents damaged and [Dazzled].
Martial Magister One Physical skill trained. +2 to DCs of extraordinary abilities from one track and three combat maneuvers.
Master Healer Journeyman Healer, 6th level Bottle your Medicine checks for later use.
Master Scout Acrobatics and Athletics trained +2 to Acrobatics and Athletics checks and ignore difficult terrain. Gain the Swim movement mode.
Mystic Healer Arcana or Medicine trained, Incantation or Shaman Spellcasting track Convert d4s from healing Incantations and healing spells to d6s.
Retcon Two of Arcana, Bluff, or Diplomacy trained, 6th level Alter memories and records of a conversation.
Safekeeper Adept Arcana trained, 3rd level You gain a modest extradimensional storage unit.
Safekeeper Magus Safekeeper Adept, 12th level Your extradimensional storage is now a 50 ft cube.
Savvy Librarian Geography or History trained Use Geography or History for identifying all creatures and gain a +2 to the chosen skill.
Shout of Doom Arcana trained, a [Dispelling] ability, 15th level Weaken a creature's tracks temporarily.
Sinister Sinews Intimidate trained Strength governs your Intimidate skill and [Fear] effects rather than Charisma.
Terrifying Shout Intimidate trained, 6th level +2 to Intimidate checks and use in-combat Intimidate on all opponents in [Close] range.
Terror Intimidate trained, 6th level Leave opponents [Frightened] in combat, prevent the use of Bluff and Intimidate in social encounters.

Racial Feats

Racial feats are feats that are exclusive to members of a particular race (and not merely creatures who have the corresponding racial track). Though some must be taken at character creation, others can be taken later as a creature grows into its racial abilities.

Racial Feats
Name Prerequisites Effects
Blood Thirst Vampire race Temporary HP for using Bloodlust.
Ghoulish Enthusiasm Ghoul race +2 feat bonus to Horrible Bite DC and eventually gain a [Bonus attack] on a failed save against Horrible Bite.
Keep Them in Line Mummy Race Demoralize foes when an opponent fails its save against your Growing Horror.
Lich's Wrath Lich race Gain a powerful undead spell-like ability.
Skeleton King Skeleton Champion race As a swift action, cause allies to be healed when they attack.
Skinjob Sentient Construct race, 1st level only +3 to Larceny checks. The DC of identifying you increases by 5.